While discerning your call to follow Jesus the following guidelines may be helpful to you:


  • Look for Christ’s presence in your everyday life, seeing His powerful, yet gentle hand guiding your every action
  • Look for opportunities to serve Christ and His Church
  • Look at the charisms of religious communities to see what would be in keeping with your own gifts and talents


  • Listen in silence to His voice guiding you in prayer
  • Listen for His call in your life through other people and events
  • Listen to the writings of the saints and imitate their virtues


  • Learn of Jesus who is gentle and humble of heart
  • Learn of Christ’s love for you by frequently attending Mass and celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Learn the art of opening yourself to the graces God has in store for you


  • Love the gifts God has given you and use them for His glory
  • Love and serve others with the Heart of Christ
  • Love spending time in silence and prayer


  • Live in faith, knowing that God will continue to reveal His call to you
  • Live in trust, opening your mind and heart to His lead
  • Live in peace, knowing that a sense of peacefulness accompanies doing God’s will