How do I know that I have a vocation?

1. Does the idea of becoming a sister keep coming back time and again even though you thought you had moved on in your life and forgotten about it?

2. Do you feel called to give more, to be more?

3. Does your relationship with God sustain you, enliven you, invigorate you in such a way that you want to share the Good News with others?

4. Does the idea of becoming a religious sister excite you and at the same time frighten you?

What is meant by discerning?

Discerning is a time of prayerful reflection on your life’s direction. It can take on many avenues, some of which are: * Praying and asking the Lord to show you the vocation for you * Listening to God and responding to Him freely and generously * Frequently celebrating Mass and sacramental reconciliation * Serving through outreach in the community * Spiritual mentoring to help in the discernment process * Visiting of religious communities

What are the different works of the congregation?

In keeping with the charism of our foundress, Clelia Merloni, our congregation serves the people of God in ministries of loving service: education, health care, social/pastoral service, and missionary activity.

How can I tell my family and friends that I think I am called to be a sister?

Be open and honest about your life’s journey. Show your family and friends the life-giving aspects of the lifestyle you are discerning. Invite them to come with you to meet the sisters.

What is the admission process?

For the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, after meeting with the sisters and participating in the discernment retreats and/or live-in experience, the discerner may apply for the pre-postulate program.

How long is the formation process?

Initial formation includes pre-postulancy/postulancy (2 years), novitiate (2 years), and a period of temporary vows. (5-9 years)

When and where does a person make first vows?

After the novitiate, a woman makes first vows at the Motherhouse of the U.S. Province.

Where will I be living during formation?

During the pre-postulate, postulate, and novitiate the candidate will live on the property of the Motherhouse of the U. S. Province in Hamden, CT. Ministry experiences may take place in other houses of the Province.

What books can I read to help me in the discernment process?

Scripture, Lives of the Saints, and recommendations from your spiritual mentor are good resources. For further recommendations contact the Vocation Director at vocations@ascjus.org

What happens in a regular day of a religious?

Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus begin their day as a community with prayer (Morning Prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, meditation, and Eucharist). Sisters spend time in ministry throughout the day and gather in the evening for community prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, meditation, and rosary). After dinner and community time, the sisters end the day with night prayers. Prayer, community, and ministry form our day. Look for Christ’s presence in your everyday life, seeing His powerful, yet gentle hand guiding your every action."

Look for Christ’s presence in your everyday life, seeing His powerful, yet gentle hand guiding your every action.