U.S. Province

On June 16, 1902, six Apostle Missionaries from the Italian Province sailed from Genoa to Boston, Massachusetts. The Sisters were sent to assist the emigrants who had abandoned Italy in search of a livelihood in the United States. Within a short time these sisters had gathered about 200 children from the area and organized Christian Doctrine classes for them.

By 1905, fifteen other sisters had come from Italy. A building in the Orient Heights section was purchased for a novitiate for young sisters and for a small hospital.

In 1906 we branched out to the Diocese of Hartford, becoming established in New Haven, Connecticut. Over the years,we Apostles began ministering in other States: Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, Florida, New Jersey and California. Since 1998, the U.S. Province has also had a mission in Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China.

Although education is the primary apostolate of the Province, sisters are also involved in social work, legal assistance, nursing and health care, pastoral ministry, after school programs, elderly day care and other works of charity.

The Provincial House has been located in Hamden, CT since 1953 on a 125-acre property known as Mount Sacred Heart. Formerly known as "Cherry Hill," the parcel is one of the highest spots in the surrounding area. Purchased from the family of Manley Chester in 1946, reminders of the Chester estate remain: orchards, magnificent trees, and the family's stately home, presently used by sisters in Formation.



"Cast into the furnace of love, the Heart of Jesus, all your anxieties, your trials, your fears, so that He may burn them away."

— M. Clelia Merloni