St. Paul High School

The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus first arrived in Taiwan in 1998. Sr. Mary Lee and Sr. Anne T. Walsh arrived at FuJen University in Taipei and started their Chinese language studies. They were joined by Sr. Daniela Minniti a year and a half later. In 2000, they moved to Kaohsiung and began teaching English at St. Paul's High School, a diocesan school. Sr. DanielaIn the past few years, Sr. Virginia Herbers and Sr. Nancy Strillacci have also been part of this Asian mission. Currently the Sisters are working in the newly-built St. Paul's Elementary School attached to the high school. Sr. Linda Pettinella arrived in August 2006 to begin her language studies. In a culture quite different from our native land, we have found much love and hospitality in the people of Taiwan.

(L-R) Sr. Linda Pettinella, Sr. Anne Walsh, Sr. Daniela Minniti, Sr. Mary Lee.