Not only are the Apostles an international congregation with Provinces and missions on five continents, but Apostles from the United States Province are ministering outside the U.S. as well.


The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus first arrived in Taiwan in 1998.

Sr. Mary Lee and Sr. Anne T. Walsh arrived at FuJen University in Taipei and started their Chinese language studies. They were joined by Sr. Daniela Minniti a year and a half later. In 2000, they moved to Kaohsiung and began teaching English at St. Paul's High School, a diocesan school.
In the past few years, Sr. Virginia Herbers and Sr. Nancy Strillacci have also been part of this Asian mission. Currently the Sisters are working in the newly-built St. Paul's Elementary School attached to the high school. Sr. Linda Pettinella arrived in August 2006, returning to the United States in 2012 as administrator of Sacred Heart Manor. Sr. Matthew Maria Rancilio arrived in September 2009 to begin language studies.
In a culture quite different from our native land, we have found much love and hospitality in the people of Taiwan.



(L-R) Sr. Mary Lee, Sr. Matthew Maria Rancilio, Sr. Daniela Minniti, and Postulant Annielene Parola.


The Generalate of the Congregation is located in Rome, Italy. Since 2004, the Superior General of the Congregation has been Mother M. Clare Millea (at right in photo). Also serving in Rome is Sr. Mary Grace Giaimo (left), who is a Councillor. The United States Province is just one of the five provinces/two vice-provinces that comprise the Congregation. More information is available in the Apostles Worldwide section.


The vice-province of Cono Sur (located in Buenos Aires, Argentina) has a mission in Trinidad, Uruguay which recently opened a new mission: Misión Madre Clelia. Three Apostles minister there:

Sr. Cloris Peruci, superior, a Brazilian and former vice-provincial of Argentina, Sr. Karen Skurat, from the United States, and Sr. Maria Antonia Tacacho, from Argentina.  The Sisters work in the parish and teach catechism. Sr. Karen is shown in the photo with a family from the local parish.





In the Summer of 2016, 3 Sisters from the U.S. Province of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
will begin a new mission in Ireland.

    The sisters will work in this mission serving as part of an evangelization team to work with youth, young adults and families. In recent years, the Church in Ireland has experienced substantial decline in numbers. It is our desire to be part of the renewal of the Church in Ireland and to give back to Ireland in gratitude for all the Irish missionaries who came to the United States in decades past. 

      This new mission will be in the Waterford/Lismore diocese.  The U.S. Province will support the community’s ongoing living expenses and would welcome the contribution of others who would like to express their gratitude and support to the Irish people of Waterford.