Honor Roll


With our most sincere gratitude, the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus acknowledge the following donors for the fiscal year 2012-2013:

* denotes Corde Society Members (those who have given to the Annual Appeal for 3 or more consecutive years)

Clelia Circle ($5,000+)

Anonymous (1)
Ms. Frances J. Consiglio*
Gretchen and Niall Gannon
Rev. Louis R. Gigante
Knights of Columbus Headquarters
Koch Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Lisa Price
St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church
Saint Louis University
Mike and Mary Ann Shanahan
Jim and Joanne Warlick

Merloni Circle ($1,000-$4,999)

Anonymous (2)
Albertus Magnus College
Anna and Joseph Barone
Clifford and Jane Bechtold
Mrs. Audrey Ann O’Keefe Beck
Mr. John Beirne, Jr.
Joseph and Jeanne Bergfeld
Mr. Edward Berra
Clearbrook Global Advisors
Concrete Strategies
Cor Jesu Academy
Ms. Estelle D’Alessio
Mrs. Ann DeLucia
Pat and Ann Destito*
Thom and Joann Digman
Diocese of Providence
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ellebracht
Ms. Dorothy Elliott
Ms. Jo Ann Emmerich
Estate of Mary B. Herbers
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Favazza
Charles and Barbara Galli
GAMCO/Gabelli Funds
Most Rev. Peter L. Gerety*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gertsema
Ms. Lauretta M. Gordon
Ms. Lynda S. Gordon
Edward and Penny Gorecki
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Green
Mr. and Mrs. David Heimburger
Joseph and Faith Herbers
Daniel and Susan Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffner
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Janson
Kearney Insurance Agency LLC
David and Kathleen Kissell
Knights of Columbus Council #15007
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Lamboley
Ms. Grace S. L’Manian*
Charles Maas and Geraldine Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Machado
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. McNulty
Mr. Gil Monnig*
Stephen and Jean Moore
Our Lady of Mercy School
Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Pasquinelli
Pellegrino Law Firm PC
Price Technology Group
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Puglessi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rattini
John and Lenore Riganti
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rottnek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Russell
Mr. Anthony J. Sabelli
Sacred Heart Academy
Dr. and Mrs. Fernando Saracco
Mr. James T. Schreck
Andrew and Theresa Sciaroni
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Sosso
St. Charles Borromeo Church
St. George Church
St. Margaret Roman Catholic Church
St. Mary Church
St. Rita Church
St. Roch Church
Mrs. Melissa P. Sullivan
Most Rev. J. Keith Symons, D.D.
Dan and Andrea Tarlas
Mr. Michael Termini
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vago
Vatterott Foundation
Jim and Beth Zak

Caritas Circle ($500-$999)

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo J. Anglo
Archdiocese of St. Louis
Ms. Christine Beato*
Beirne Wealth Consulting
Ms. Louise Belli
Benefit Resource Group, LLC
Blue Devil Equipment LLC
Rev. Ralph A. Bove
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Boyle
Ms. Eileen Bridge
Ms. Veronica Buczynski
Mrs. Angeline Cama
Ms. Alyce C. Clark
Ms. Susan M. Colburn
Dr. Michael P. Connair
Dr. and Mrs. Leo Cooney
Cromwell Growers, Inc.
Kim and Al Curbow
D’Andrea & Pantera, P.C.
Diocese of Tallahassee Pensacola
Larry and Janet DiPalma
Ms. Jane Farrington
Favazza’s Italian Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ferrario
Mrs. Irene Fitzgerald
Corrinne and Charles Galli
Mr. Leonard L. Garavaglia
Mr. Francis Gargano
Mrs. Inez Gellin
Mr. Carl Grecco
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guarino
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gutierrez and
Mr. E. William Iovanne*
Mrs. Vivian Kalert
Knights of Columbus Fr. Howard J.
Lesch Assembly #1564
Knights of Columbus Our Lady of the
Sea Council 7272
Knights of Columbus Our Lady of
Victory Council #7968
Mrs. Nora Laverty*
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mancuso
Ms. Cecilia McCann
Mr. and Mrs. John R. McNiff
Notre Dame High School
Our Lady Of Pompeii Church
Petra Construction Corporation
Rev. Msgr. Salvatore Polizzi
Ms. Tina Porter
Province Advisory Board
Quinnipiac Bank & Trust
Lisa and Mark Schafale
Secure Energy Solutions
Rev. James Shanley
Bill and Barbara Simione
St. Ambrose Catholic School
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Mr. Frank Stavola
Ms. Lillian Szczuka
Ms. Janice Tucker*
Michael and Annette Vasaturo*
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wachter
Walker’s Ace Hardware
Mr. Louis Weady
Mr. Bruno D. Zuccala*

Mission Circle ($100-$499)

A-1 Toyota
Mrs. Mary Acampora*
Dr. and Mrs. Antione Adem
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adinolfi
Advance Paper Co.
Mrs. Andrea F. Affinito
Ms. JoAnn Albanese
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexa
All American Waste, LLC
Mrs. Margie Alsbach
Ms. Noreen Alvarez
Don and Nancy Amsler
Ms. Frances Andreoli
Ms. Carol Antinora
Apex Pharmacy & Home Care Center
Aquinas Institute of Theology
Ms. Nancy Aragonese
Archdiocese of Hartford Office of
Catholic Schools
Alex and Janice Ardans
Mr. Ron Armstrong
Assumption Church
Mr. and Ms. Anthony Augustinsky
John and Ellen Avellino
Mr. John E. Avery
Ms. Donna Balsano
Keith and Virginia Barket
Ms. Josephine L. Barni
Joseph and Janet Barone
Mr. and Ms. Paul Bartolomei
Mrs. Jane Beato
Ms. Mary L. Beato
Mark and Patti Beck
Rev. John Bednarik, OFM Cap.
Mary Belli and Louise Belli
Rev. Robert Beloin
Joan and John Benevento
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Bentel
Ms. Susan Bianchi
Beth and Joe Blazevich
Blessed Sacrament Church
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Bligh
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Blumenkemper
BMO Harris Bank
Rev. Msgr. Paul L. Bochicchio
William and Nancy Bohen
Mrs. Joan Bombassei*
Ms. Madelyn J. Borrelli*
Rochelle and Rudy Bossert
Anne Marie Boulade-Perigois and
Raymond Patrick Davies
Ms. Esther Bowers
Ms. Cheryl A. Breitenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Brennan
Carol and Chris Brescia
Most Rev. Timothy P. Broglio
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown
Patrick and Carolyn Brown
Peter and Jen Brown*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruchansky*
John and Tricia Buckley
Atty. Joseph B. Burns
Susan Butler, Ph.D.
Mrs. Jacquelyn Caulfield Cahill
Mr. Michael Calabrese
Jack and Mary Ann Campbell
Vincent and Beth Capece
Mrs. Paige Ferris Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Carrano
Ms. Connie Carrillo
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carroll
Ms. Katie Carroll
Rev. Frank Carter
Rev. Michael Caruso, S.J.
Mr. Dennis Cassani
Ms. Marilyn Casso
Catholic Education Office
Catholic Supply
Mrs. Cheryl Celentano
Chapel Plumbing LLC
John and Kathy Chapman
David and Nancy Chelini
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chiodini
Chris’ Pancakes & Dining
Christian Brothers Community
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chura
Church of the Ascension
Ms. Rose Cicero*
Mr. and Mrs. James Coady*
Mrs. Maggie Cobble
Ms. Patricia Coffman
Mrs. Anne Coleman
Dr. Joyce Comer
Mr. Gerard Como
Rosalie and Thomas Condon
Bruce and Dianne Conroy
Ms. Sheila Coonan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper
Mr. Paul Corsi
Frank and Lynda Corsini
Mr. William L. Cotter, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Court
Mr. David F. Coyle
Ms. Victoria Crouppen
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cucchi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cuomo
Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel N. Cusanelli
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cusumano
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dacey
Dadio’s Garage
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D’Aiuto
Mr. Paul Daleo*
Al and Joanne Daloisio*
Ms. Mary Louise D’Amico
Ms. Bernadette Daniele
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Day
Mrs. Patricia Deatherage*
Danny and Donna DeCarli
Dr. Kathleen Dechant
Mr. Michael J. Deegan, M.Ed.
Mrs. Mary DeGennaro
Mrs. Martha DeGray
Mr. and Mrs. Rino Del Carro
Marilyn and Lou Dell’Orco
Mr. Benjamin DelMonico
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeLucia
Marilyn Demorest, Ph.D.
Denny Landscaping, LTD
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dickmann
Mrs. Carolyn Diercksmeier
Ms. Katherine M. DiGiulio
Mrs. Deanna Frankowski DiMaggio
Ms. Annette C. Dion
Steven and Eileen DiSalvo
Vince and Kris Doder
Mr. Kieran Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doherty
Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the
Springs of Bridgeport
Mr. Louis D’Onofrio
Atty. William F. Dow III
Mr. Robert Dowler
Downey Sweeney Fitzgerald & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Doyle
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Druhe
Duchesne Knights of Columbus Ladies
Auxiliary #2951
Ms. Ann C. Duffy
Mr. Patrick R. Duffy
Ms. Nancy Dumond
Ms. Katherine Dunivin
Mrs. Mary Dunn
Ms. Nancy Manzo Dunne
Mrs. Elisabeth Durso
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Eichwald
Ms. Dolores J. Elli
Mrs. Ann Marie Engstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Erbs
Caroline and Harold Ernst
Mr. and Ms. Michael Esposito
Dr. Laura and Theodore A. Esswein
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Etling
Otto and Rosemary Etzel*
Mrs. Susan Evans
Mrs. Margie Everett
E-Z Way Products
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Falcha
Sal and Bertha Falgiano
Mr. and Mrs. David Farone
Bill and Dorothy (Fiorillo ‘50) Farrell*
Pat and Georgia Farris
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fatheree
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Federico
Ferguson & McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferris
Ms. June Finnucan-Genna
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Assn.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald*
Ms. Regan Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Forenza
Jana and Michael Forsthoefel
Mrs. Dorothy Fransen
Ms. Mary Beth Freitas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gahl
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Gallagher
Mrs. Anne T. Galletta*
Derio and Linda Gambaro
Mrs. Frances Garamella
Mr. James A. Garrubba
Thomas and Kathleen Gatti
Mr. Bob Gau
Rev. Carl Gentile
Ms. Alice Gerber
Christine and Dennis Gillooly
Guy and Susan Giudici
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gniadek
Mrs. Alberta Goodwin
Mrs. Bonnie Goodwin
Mr. Michael Gorla
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Grana
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Grassi
Reverend Robert J. Grecco
Rev. Lee W. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gruenling
Richard and Joanne Guenther
Robert and Patricia Guidi
Madeline and Anthony Guido
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Guido
Ms. Marie Guillet
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Gund, Jr.*
Patrick and Judith Gurrieri
Mrs. Mary Ann P. Haran
Deacon and Mrs. David I. Harpring
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Harrington
Deacon and Mrs. James Healy
Mr. John F. Heenan
Mr. and Mrs. William Heffernan
Ms. Katherine L. Heimann
Mr. and Mrs. Ritz Henton
Mark and Kathy Herbers
Mr. Matthew Herbers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hesse
Carl and Angeline Heumann
Hinding Tennis, LLC
Tom and Virginia Hingsbergen
Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffmann
Mr. Edward Hogan
Most Rev. Martin Holley
Mrs. Antonina Honeycutt
Rev. Brendan R. Horan, S.J.*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horan
Mrs. John J. Horgan
Peter and Sally Hovey
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hungerford
Ms. Carolyn M. Hunihan*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jablonsky
Jamie Jabouri and Jacob Myers
JAS Automotive LLC
Dr. William A. Joern*
Johnny’s Market
Ms. C. Hope Johnson
Mrs. Donna Johnson
Kurt and Michele Johnson
Drs. William and Cheryl Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Joyce
Mr. Herman Kafura
Rochelle and Joseph Kanell
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Kappel
Kats Pump Service
Mr. Desmond Kearney
Mr. Kevin Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kelly
Dr. Joan Kelly
Mrs. Mary Katherine Kelly
Ron and Donna Kemper
Mr. Anthony Kim, M.D.
Ms. Emily Klein
Mary Alice Neri Klund, Ph.D.
Mrs. Marcella Grassi Knibb
Knights of Columbus
Mr. Johannes Koelemij
Mrs. Catherine M. Kollmeyer
Ms. Joann Korte
Ms. Lucille Kott*
Mr. Marek A. Kozlowski
Mr. and Mrs. James Krauss
Ray Kreienkamp and Dr. Pat Amato
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Krupp
Mrs. Mary Beth Kuhlman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark LaBarge
Richard and Judy LaBounty
Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Landino
Mr. and Mrs. James Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle A. Lang
Mrs. Mary Laubengayer
Joseph and Maria Laudano
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lawless
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Leahy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee
Mrs. Patricia Minichino Licklider*
Mrs. Rosemary Lightfoot
Ms. Sue Lindstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Livingston
Ms. Deborah Loeffelman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Long
Mr. James Lyle
Christopher and Cindy Lynch
Mr. Robert H. Mace, Jr.*
Mrs. Mary Ann Madama
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Magee
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Magnano*
Mr. James Mahoney
Mr. John H. Maloney
Mrs. Christine H. Mamaril
Mr. Gregory J. Manzo*
Ms. Roseann Margiotta
Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Marsico
Patrick and Kathleen Martin
Deacon and Mrs. Paul Martin
Mrs. Mary Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Masterson
Nick and Laura Mastroianni*
Mrs. Mary M. Mattli
Mr. Joseph Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mazzariello
Maureen and Gary McClanahan
Mrs. Albina McFall
Mr. Seamus McGuinness
Ms. Jennifer McGuire
Mr. Jerry M. McGurkin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. McLaughlin
Mercy Center
Mr. and Mrs. James Merlo
Norman and Josie Merlo
Ms. Patricia Merlo
Mr. and Mrs. David Metherd
Rev. William R. Metzler
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Meyer
Georgia and Harry Micco*
Middletown Toyota
Tony and Mary Migliazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Millette*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Mirabella
Mrs. Cynthia Campochiaro Mitar
Ms. Ann Mongillo
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Moore
Ms. Patricia A. Moore
Dr. Terence Moore
Mrs. Maureen Moran
Gloria and Jim Morrissey*
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Mortati
Dr. Connie and John Moss*
Rev. John L. Moyna
Peter and Madeline Mrowka*
Mr. and Mrs. B. Douglas Munsell
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Murphy
Kathleen and Robert Nastri
Ms. Nancy Navarretta
Navin Family
Ms. Patricia A. Nealon
Mrs. Carmeline Newell
Thad and Helen Niemira*
Ms. Lynne Nikolaisen*
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Noles
Ms. Susan Nolkemper
Br. Charles Nuzzo, F.S.C.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ochenkowski*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Connell
Mr. Kevin O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Offer
Mrs. Dorothy O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. O’Neill
Ms. Dorothy Onofrio
Ms. Catherine O’Shea*
Mrs. LaWanda F. Oswald
Our Lady Of Pompei Shrine Church
Our Lady of Providence Parish
Our Lady of the Rosary
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Paffumi
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pagano
Ms. Renee Pallenberg
Mr. Peter Panella
Mrs. Anne Paolino
Paradise Nurseries
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parchomski, Sr.
Ms. Elinor B. Parisi
James Pascalicchio and Eileen Kroski*
Pascom Sound Incorporated
Paws Awhile, LLC
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Pellecchia, Jr.
Rev. Dr. John and Louise Pelletier
Ulrich and Susan Pelz
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pereira
Mrs. Antoinette Piantedosi*
Ms. Mary Ann Pirone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piscitelli
Ms. Susanne L. Polis
Dominic and Regina Polizzi
Mrs. Maureen Burgh Porter*
Mrs. Dianna Pozzo
Jim and Julie Pozzo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prentice
Mrs. Gerry Puricelli*
Mr. Stephen G. Puricelli*
Mr. Richard T. Purvis
Queen Of All Saints Church
David and Darleen Quinn
Ms. Mary Ann Quinn
Mrs. Nancy E. Rafferty
Rev. Msgr. James Ramacciotti
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Ranzini*
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Rapini
Leslie and Vincent Rascati
Rev. Msgr. Michael Reed, J.C.L.
Mrs. Frances Regalia
George and Nora Reinhardt*
Mr. Todd Renz
Mrs. Michelina Retort*
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rhode
Robert and Marilyn Ricci
Most Rev. Edward M. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Richardson
Mr. Gary Richo
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Riganti
Mr. Peter Rocco
Ms. Patricia Romito*
Tammy and Joseph Ronan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rossi
Mr. Sean D. Rotermund
Matthew Rottnek, M.D.
Mrs. Valerie Rousseau
Dr. Robert Ruby, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruggeri
Mr. John J. Russo
Ms. April Ruzicka
Glenn and Margaret Rybacki
Sacred Heart Nursery & Kindergarten
Mr. Christopher P. Saletta
Mrs. Mary Samson
Ms. Kathleen Sanchez
Ms. Rosalie Saputo
Ms. Phyllis Savo
Jean Ann and Jack Scaduto
Ms. Mary Scagliarini
Mrs. Florence Maffoni Scarinci*
Anthony and Anita Scarnati
Mrs. Mary Schifferli
Rev. Msgr. Gerard G. Schmitz
Mr. Robert Schreck
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schuering
Mr. David D. Schumann
Miriam and James Sensale
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shipp
Frank and Diane Shortt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Silvano
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sink
Sisk Brothers, Inc.
Ms. Karen Sison
Ms. Lillian Skalenakis
Dr. Beth A. Smith
Keiren and Brian Smith
Mrs. Ilene Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Smith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Smyth
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Snodsmith
Mrs. Joseph T. Snow
Mrs. Joan Soderberg
Kum-Cha and Ronald Soja
Mrs. Diana Sommer
Mrs. Sheila Sorrentino
Sound Retirement Services, Inc.
Mrs. M. Roberta Spann
William and Kathleen Springer
St. Francis High School
St. Joan of Arc Church
St. Margaret Shrine
St. Martin de Porres Academy
St. Mary Priory
St. Raphael School
St. Stephen Church
St. Thomas More Chapel
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Stack
Mrs. Gloria Steed
Ms. Kerry Stevison
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoverink
Mrs. Dolores Strickland*
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Stroble
Mrs. Rita Struckhoff
Tom and Donna Sunnenberg*
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sylvester
Rev. Lawrence Symolon*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Talbot, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Terrio
The Guilford Savings Bank
The Jesuits of the Missouri Province
Katherine and Brian Thiemann
Ms. Susanna Thomas
Mrs. Ellen Tiemann
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Timm
Ms. Alicia Tonnies
Mr. Larry Tornetto*
Mr. and Mrs. John Torretta
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tower
Town Fair Tire Centers, Inc.
Bob and Barbara Tracy*
Tom and Beth Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Traficanti
Bob and Linda Traina
United Auto Sales & Services Inc.
Marguerite and Fred Valenti
Ms. Joan E. Venditto
Mr. Vincent Verlezza
Jack and Suzy Villa
Mr. and Mrs. Rio S. Vitale
Ms. Josephine T. Volpe
John and Jody Volpo
Mrs. Mary Alice Voorhees
Mrs. Barbara Pieper Walding
Rev. Msgr. David Walker*
Mrs. Mary Joy Walsh*
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ward
Ms. Kristen M. Weidner
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Weil
Ed and Judy Weismann
Ms. Mary C. Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wikete*
Ms. Kathryn Wood
Mr. William Woods, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth M. Yanelli
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zagarri
Jim and Ella Zagurskie
Fred and Carol Zak
Nicholas and Mariann Zampetti
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zorena

Friends of the Apostles (up to $99)

Anonymous (16)
Mrs. Albert Alfano
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Amendola
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Anderson
Mrs. Mary Jane Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David Andreoli
Friend of Mother Clelia
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Anthony
Mary Rose and Phil Antinori
Arnold and Annmarie Aranci*
Ms. Lisa Arpin
Mrs. Mary Arrigoni
Paul and Antonella Bacchiocchi
Ms. Beata Bagi
Mrs. Muriel Banquer
Barbin Family
Miss Elsie Barelli
Paul and Grace Barrett*
Rich and Liz Barry
Mrs. Dorothy Bartoni
Mr. John Battaglia
Mrs. Eileen N. Bauer
Paul and Joyce Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. John Baur
Walter and Anne Belske*
Ms. Deborah Benvenger
Mr. and Mrs. William Berg
Mr. Bryan Berndt
John E. and Betty J. Berra*
Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Bertucci
Ms. Lillian Betts
Ms. Ann N. Biasi*
Elizabeth and David Bird*
Mrs. Dorothy Biritz
Ms. Joan M. Blazevich
Ms. Kathleen M. Boeckel-Goldman
Mrs. Rose Ann Mansi Borger
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Borghi
Mrs. Lisa Bornholdt
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Borrelli
Ms. Nicole Boucher
Ms. Katherine Boyle
Mrs. Andrea Brassard
Mr. and Mrs. John Brillante
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Brooks
Jill and John Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bruno
Mr. Shawn Brusatti
Ms. Mary Ann Bucci
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Buchholz
Miss Victoria Burel
Mr. Tom Burke
Businesswise, LLC
Rich and Christina Byrnes*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cadice*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Calcaterra
Mr. Salvatore F. Camera
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Roch Cappelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carbone
Mrs. Trifomena Colavolpe Carulli
Dr. Vincent M. Cefola
Mr. Harry S. Celotto
Mr. Charles Ceresia
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Chiappetta
Rev. Ronald C. Chochol
Mrs. Alvena Chrismer
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cibelli
Mr. Alex Cissi, Jr.
Mrs. Loretta Triana Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clementi
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Clifford
Ms. Sue Clones
Ms. Bernadette Colanduoni
Mr. Paul Colombo
Ms. Helen M. Colston
Mrs. Bette Constantin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Costanzo
Mrs. Donna LaVorgna Cramond
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Crinnion
Mrs. Mary Grace Santagata Crisci
Ms. Rose Ann Crupie
Mrs. Mary F. Curcuru
Curzi Family
Mrs. Ardeth Hill Cusello
Ms. Julia Da Silva
Ms. Kay D’Acchioli
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. D’Albero
Ms. Sandra D’Ambrosio
MSgt. and Mrs. Chris Davis*
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dayo
Donna and Tony DeChello
Mr. Louis DeFabio
Ms. Rose DeGrand
Richard and Debra DelFino and Family
Frank and Cheryl DeMatteis
Mr. John M. Demicco, Jr.
The DeMico Family
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis DeSanto
Mrs. Patricia L. DeStefano
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Devito
Shelly and Jim Devous
Mrs. Beatrice Di Mola
Mrs. Margaret DiCaprio
Joseph and Edith Dichtl
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Diorio
Mr. and Mrs. Jared DiPalma
Mary and Paul Dischert
Rev. Joseph DiSciacca
Mr. Jim DiVasto
Mr. and Mrs. George Dobb
Ms. Ann Docherty
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Donnelly
Deacon Leo and Edna Donoghue*
Maura and Brendan Donohue*
Mrs. Jacqueline Downing
Mr. Dick Dube
Mrs. Pauline Duda
Ms. Laura M. Duesenberg
Mr. and Mrs. John DuFaux
The Durol Company
Jeffrey and Patricia Dussetschleger
Mrs. Lynne Einig
Ms. Susan Elia
Ms. Lucinda T. Embersits
Ms. Mary Espenschied
Mr. Simon Etzel, Sr.
Brian and Barbara Farrell
Mrs. Dolores J. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Farricielli
Ms. Elaine Fassi
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fellows
Mrs. Ana Echeverria Felske
Ms. Clare Ferraro
Ms. Mary Ferro
Ms. Mary Ferro
Tom and Rose Ann Figliola*
Rev. Antimo Fiorillo
Mr. Ralph A. Fisco, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzmaurice
Flowers From the Farm
Ms. Paula Forni*
Mrs. Elizabeth Carenza Foshage
Ms. Maureen Franco
Mrs. Carroll Friscia
Mrs. Silvia Lombardo Fritsch
Mr. William Fromme
Mr. and Mrs. Clem Fucci
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gabrielli
Nancy and Tom Gagliano
Mr. Louis Galli
Ms. Patricia Gambardella
Mr. Michael Gannon
Mr. Michael Garcia
Nestor and Irene Gendreau
Mr. Anthony J. Gentile
Ms. Mary F. Giacolone*
Mr. Salvatore B. Giaimo
Mr. Joseph Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. William Gobush, Jr.
Ms. Leticia Gotay
Leonard and Mary E. Grabowski
Mrs. Marie Grantz
Ms. Dolores Greenspun*
Ms. Lorraine M. Greski
Mr. Nazzareno Grestini
Ms. Gloria Griffero
Mr. and Mrs. John Griffin
Mrs. Shirlene Grigaitis*
Ms. Johanna Grimoldi
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Guidone
Peter and Monica Gunther
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gyure
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett W. Hahn
Hammonasset Package Store
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Hannon
Mrs. Josephine Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hartig
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hausman
Ms. Maureen Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hermsmeier
Mrs. Anita W. Hesse*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hicks
Ken and Laura Hirlinger
Mrs. Dorothy Hollen
Ron and Mary Ann Horst
Ms. Margaret Horvath
Hummel Brothers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutchings
Dr. and Mrs. Jordan C. Iserman
R. L. Jay
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Jupena
Mrs. Carol Kandall
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kanoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kasnevich
Ms. Karen Kearney*
Ms. Eileen B. Kearns
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Kelly
Kemoll’s Restaurant and Top of the Met
Mr. James Kenley
Mrs. Florence Keszycki*
Mr. and Mrs. David Kettering*
Mr. and Ms. Thomas R. Kinsella
Mr. Victor J. Kintz
Emma and Daniel Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kitchin, III
Tina, Timothy and Matthew Klemenz
Kobe Appliance Co.
Ms. Mary Alice Koeneke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kofron
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kojkowski
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Komlos
Ms. Joan Konareski
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kopas
Mrs. Elizabeth Kosbab
Mrs. Jean Musco Kozak*
Ms. Carole Kpota
Ms. Kathleen M. Kramer
Mrs. Kathy Krapu
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Krawczyk
Mr. and Mrs. John Krey
Ms. Teresa Krivacsy
Ms. Anne Krott
Mrs. Dorothy Krystock
Michael and Vivien LaChance
Mrs. Patricia Ladi
Mrs. Joanne Lambert
Ms. Cynthia C. Lamboley
Ms. Alexa Landino
Michael and Mary Jane Landino*
Ms. Sara Landino
Mr. Richard K. Langley
Ms. Kathryn M. Larson
Mr. Albert D. Latouche
Rev. John Lavorgna
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lembo
Mrs. Rose Marie Termini Leone
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Lipkvich
Dorothy and Joseph Lockwood*
Mr. Timothy Loughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Lynch, Sr.
Mrs. Barbara Macaboy
Mr. Luis Maldonado
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Maldonado
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Mallek
Ms. Charmaine Herrera Mamaril
Ms. Chrystle H. Mamaril
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manfrede
Mrs. Patricia A. Manzi
Rev. Jeronimo Marcelo
Mrs. Mary J. Marino
Mrs. Rosemary Marlovits
Mrs. Dorothy J. Martino
Ms. Patricia Mascia
Ms. Josephine A. Masselli
Mrs. Patricia Masto-Toni*
Ms. Cheryl Mather
Mr. and Mrs. John Mattson*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maturo
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Maurice
Mrs. Jean Mauro
Mr. Charles Mazur
Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCarthy
Mrs. Laura McCarthy
Mrs. Patricia McCloskey
Mrs. Michelle McKeever
Mrs. Catherine McKnight
Mrs. Eva McNamee
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mercugliano, Sr.
Ms. Amanda N. Mertens
Mrs. Edith Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Meyers
Mr. Edward C. Mikol, Jr.
Mrs. Florence Millea*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller
Mrs. Patricia Miller
Mrs. Marie Milliard*
Ms. Marilyn Mitchell
Ann and James Mokoski*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moriarty*
Lawrence and Leatrice Morico
Kathy and David Mueckl
Mrs. Lorraine Mulligan
Mr. Edward J. Nandor
Nelco LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence O. Nelson*
Mrs. Ann M. Nesdale
John and Mary Ann Neubert
Mrs. Gloria Nilsson
Mrs. Marie Materessa Niro
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Noon
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Novak
Mrs. Josephine T. Novak
John and Peggy Styers Offutt
Karl and Kathy Omlin*
Mr. Francis O’Neill III
Ms. Colleen Orick
Rev. Matthew O’Toole
Arcangelo and Debra Pacelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pahr, Jr.
Miss Margaret Palmieri
Ms. Deborah Pavetti
Mr. Walter Pawlak, Sr.
Mrs. Katherine Pechinski
Mrs. Carmela Medici Peragine
Minnie and Sue Perfetto
Mr. and Mrs. James Pergola
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Perrotta
Mrs. Lillian Pesce
Ms. Dolores Petcavage
Mrs. Rose Petrarca
Mr. and Mrs. John Petrie
Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pieper
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pisanelli
Mr. John Pisani
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Podolak
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Potthoff
Mr. and Mrs. Neils R. Poulsen
Ms. Janet Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Prosser
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Proto
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Puglisi
Mrs. Margaret Pyne
Mr. and Mrs. Sean M. Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. James Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Raccio
Ms. Romana Raffetto
Mrs. Frances Rambler
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rascati
Dr. Frank D. Raviola
Mrs. Vivian Carloni Reilly
Pat and Barbara Remich
Mrs. Nardina J. Rescigno
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rice
Ms. Joan Rose
Dr. and Mrs. John Rubsam III
Mrs. Laurie Russell
Donald and Antoinette Russo
Steven and Rita Ryan
Ms. Anne D. Ryder
Mr. James J. Rygelski
Mrs. Anna Sansone
Ms. Sandra Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. John Scherting
Ms. Carol B. Schpero
Mr. Ronald D. Schroeder
Mr. Arthur Schubert
Mrs. Michelle Vasaturo Seagull
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Segura
Dick and Lois Seiler
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Seitz
Ms. Bernadette Serati
Mr. and Mrs. Efren G. Sespene
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sextro
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sherman
Ms. Mary Ann Sherry
Ms. Florence Sigman
Ms. Patricia Smiy
Kaitlyn and Colleen Smyth
Ms. Barbara V. Spencer
Ms. Kathleen T. Spillane
Ms. Caren Squitieri
Ms. Carole Stackpole
Mr. and Mrs. August Stango*
Mr. and Mrs. John Stapleton
Mr. S. Bruce Stegmaier
Ms. Marty Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Strianese
Sullivan & Associates
Ms. Helen Szczuka
Ms. C. Szeto
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Szuba
Mr. Andrew A. Taddei, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Taylor*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tenedine
Mrs. Rosemary Testa
Ms. Vivian Tinervia
Peggy and Al Toczylowski
Mrs. Mary Jane Topitzer
Dr. and Mrs. Michel Toret
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Toscano
Thomas and Marie Trost*
TTR Properties LLC
Valente Family
Rev. Dominic J. Valla*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Valore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Van Der Wal
William and Camille Van Saun
Miss Jaclyn Vasaturo
Ms. Stefanie Vasaturo
Romeo A. Vidone, M.D.*
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Vitale
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Walsh
Mr. William Watkins
Ms. Rose M. Watt
Mrs. Mary Ann Wehner
Ms. Jacqueline Weishorn
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. White
Ms. Maureen A. Wikete
Ms. Theresa E. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Winkler
Mrs. Marie Wohlert
Robert and Tessie Zaczek
Ms. Victoria Zummo
Caroline and Meghan Zwahlen