Community Life

Mother Clelia identified the spirit of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart when she said, "The Apostle must have no other aim but the glory of the Heart of Jesus." Therefore the Apostles come together to live in and for the love of Jesus Christ. Devotion to the Heart of Jesus is the source of each sister's spirituality, the wealth of her inner life, and the bond of her communal life.

We live a strong community life, forming one family whose members seek to live out, in daily practice, the command of the Gospel: "Love one another!" (John 13:34).

The bond of community is an intense communal and private prayer life out of which grows a common goal and vision—a life of service. Though serving in diverse ministries, each community comes together daily to pray, to eat, to relax with each other. Where two Apostles gather, all the Apostles are present!

Manor sisters praying 010.jpg

"The true always even tempered, sociable and constant. She is ready to be of service, to forget wrongs; she is dear to all and loved by her community."

M. Clelia Merloni