Christmas Giving: Ireland

Man walks down a path"Rebuild my Church!" These famous words, spoken by the Lord to St. Francis of Assisi, are also being heard by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus serving in Waterford, Ireland. 

“People are so disillusioned and alienated from the church after all the scandals that we are living a ministry of listening,” said Sr. Colleen Mattingly, an Apostle missioned in Ireland since 2015. 

What would help bring the youth, especially, back to their Church? “Music. That is what most people told us as we spoke to them in our street ministry,” Sr. Colleen said.  

As God would provide, Bishop Alphonsus has offered the sisters the use of St. Patrick Church, the oldest church in Ireland, which has been practically unreachable for years due to unsafe entryways that have been gated closed. Working with the bishop, the sisters and other lay donors have so far raised funds to shore up the sagging structure and now have only to repave the walkway. A new ministry of adoration and praise will open up soon. Then the sisters believe they can welcome the people of Ireland back into their church!  

Your donations will help the Apostles rebuild the church slate by slate, and soul by soul, as they hope for a spiritual awakening and renewed faith! Your gifts will provide the following:

  • $25 provides a music book for worship and praise, CDs or DVDs 
  • $50 buys candles for evening praise and worship services
  • $100 helps purchase new microphones 
  • $250 helps purchase a new sound system