Queen of Apostles Spiritual Life Center

Queen of Apostles Spiritual Life Center is a ministry of spiritual formation and a ministry of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As religious women of the Church, impelled by the love of the Heart of Christ, the Apostles staff the center, offering spiritual formation opportunities for individuals, groups, parishes, and families. 

Morning of Prayer

In the midst of all the rush and busy-ness of this season, you are invited to take this opportunity to pause and reflect on the true feast of Christmas. There is a Bethlehem in the hearts of each of us where Christ longs to make his home. This brief time away from the "blur" of the season is a chance to welcome him into the inn of our hearts.

Making Room for Christ in the Inn of Our Hearts

  • Friday, December 1, 2017
  • Queen of Apostles Spiritual Life Center
  • Presented by Sr. Maureen Fitzgerald, ASCJ
  • $10.00 donation includes a light breakfast available from 8:45-9:15 a.m.
  • Presentation will be from 9:15-11:00 a.m.
  • Please register online
  • You may also contact Sr. Catherine Antinora, ASCJ via e-mail or by calling (314) 602.5345

Spiritual Renewal & Formation

We at the Queen of Apostles Spiritual Life Center are committed to serving all persons who seek to deepen their relationship with God, particularly through spiritual renewal in recollection, prayer, and quiet. Hospitality and caring service are the hallmarks of the our ministry.

Situated on the Mississippi river bluffs, our 18-acre campus is located 20 miles south of downtown St. Louis. The center offers a peaceful, country setting for groups and individuals seeking quiet time for rest and spiritual renewal.

Queen of Apostles Spiritual Life Center invites parishes and families to utilize our spacious rooms and beautiful grounds for in-service programs, celebrations, or professional development. We welcome individuals and groups to attend scheduled days of prayer and renewal or to create their own structure for days of renewal.

Queen of Apostles Programs

Queen of Apostles Spiritual Life Center offers the following opportunities:

  • Private day-long retreats
  • Days of prayer/recollection
  • Women’s spirituality groups
  • Faculty/Staff in-services
  • Advent/Lent mornings of prayer
  • RCIA retreats

Please contact our director, Sr. Catherine Antinora, ASCJ, if there is a program you would like us to offer or if you have an already-formed group or program that would benefit from our ministry of hospitality and service.