Life as an Apostle

Mother Clelia felt drawn to the urban poor who suffered greatly during the time of the Industrial Revolution in northern Italy. Requesting a blessing from the bishop of Como, Italy, Mother Clelia stated that she and the sisters wanted to "dedicate ourselves to the active religious life, gathering orphans and poor, abandoned, and underprivileged girls."

While our modern challenges differ from those of Clelia's time, some are very similar. The people of today need Mother Clelia’s ministry as much as ever.

Responding to Those in Need

Over time, new challenges face our communities: the fast pace of life, the lack of supportive extended family, and ethical questions in science and technology. Still, our basic needs haven’t changed much over time: bodily and spiritual hunger, the search for meaningful living, and the need for love and appreciation.

As the Spirit directs and inspires, we pray to respond openly to the present and future needs of the church with the courage and foresight of our foundress. Our greatest challenge is to become more conformed to Christ so that we are better able to serve Him in others. 

By our profession of the evangelical counsels—poverty, chastity and obedience—we can follow Christ with the total gift of our hearts, bodies, and spirits. By our consecration, we are witnesses to the present wonders of God's redemptive love and the future glories of the kingdom He promises.

Community Life

Blessed Mother Clelia identified the spirit of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart when she said, "The Apostle must have no other aim but the glory of the Heart of Jesus." Therefore, the Apostles come together to live in and for the love of Jesus Christ. Devotion to the Heart of Jesus is the source of each sister's spirituality, the wealth of her inner life, and the bond of her communal life. Where two Apostles gather, all the Apostles are present.

We live a strong community life, forming one family whose members seek to live out, in daily practice, the command of the Gospel—"Love one another!" (John 13:34).

Prayer Life

Though serving in diverse ministries, each community comes together daily to pray, to eat, and to relax with each other. The rhythm of our days is marked by:

  • Celebration of the Eucharist
  • Communal praying of the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Prayers proper to our congregation
  • Meditation
  • Recitation of the rosary
  • Spiritual reading
  • Quiet moments of private prayer

Special times of spiritual renewal include:

  • Weekly Holy Hours
  • Monthly days of recollection
  • Annual retreats