Spirituality and Charism

Exposition - Sister holding Cross at the altar

Spirituality of the Apostles

The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are captivated by the love of God, and our life of consecration is a response to this love. Sacred Heart spirituality—which is rooted in Scripture, the teachings of the Church and foundational to the charism of Mother Clelia—colors every aspect of the Apostles’ interior and apostolic life. 

Our hearts are united with the Heart of Christ through a life of prayer and a spousal relationship with Jesus. We manifest our love by bringing the reparative love of Christ to others, especially to the poor, broken and marginalized.

Imbued by Christ’s love, the Apostles go out in mission. The pierced Heart of Christ, symbol of the totality of God’s love for us, impels the Apostles to love in a generous, sacrificial manner, for Blessed Clelia writes, “love transforms the lover into the person loved.” 

The Apostles are aware that the world is in disrepair and that many do not know the joy of Christ’s consoling Heart. Having experienced the joy of knowing God’s tender love, we zealously desire to evangelize others about devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to bring to the world the freedom and hope which comes from encountering the Heart of Christ.