Prayer Enrollment Cards

As always, we are grateful for your friendship and generosity to our congregation. We consider you as collaborators in our ministries because of your support and encouragement.

Our gift to you is always that of prayer. We pray for you every day and remember your intentions before the Heart of Jesus. Now you can share those prayers with those you care about! We are pleased to offer prayer enrollment cards from the Apostles. 

Better Than a Greeting Card

Rather than purchasing a card in a store for a few dollars, sending your friend or family member one of our prayer cards is a gift of prayer. What's more, your donation will help support the ministries of the Apostles.

We offer a card for serious need (sympathy, illness, comfort, and healing) and another for joyful occasions (birthday, congratulations, anniversaries, graduations, etc.). As you read the text of our cards, you may think of many people you know who would be comforted and inspired by receiving one.

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