Good News From the Apostles

There are many exciting things happening in our vibrant and growing congregation! We’ve included all the latest news and our most recent publications here. Visit our News page often to stay updated.

High School Named After Mother Clelia Set To Open

Mother Clelia MerloniA Catholic high school in Pensacola, Florida is set to become the first school in the United States named after our foundress, Mother Clelia Merloni.

The Mother Clelia Morning Star High School will provide a faith-filled Catholic education to students with special needs. The Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, where three of our Sisters minister, plans to open the school in August for the 2020–2021 academic year.

Mother Clelia Morning Star High School will be an independent institution located on the grounds of Pensacola Catholic High School, where Sr. Kierstin Martin, ASCJ, is principal. Both schools are working together to ensure students at Mother Clelia Morning Star High School are provided diverse opportunities for inclusion at Pensacola Catholic.

There are currently two schools in Pensacola that offer Morning Star programs for special needs students at the elementary and middle school level. Sr. Margaret Ann Calcutta, ASCJ, is the director of the Morning Star program at St. John the Evangelist School.

2020 Declared “Clelian Missionary Year”
A Sister with four teenagers wearing red aprons

The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are celebrating 2020 as the Clelian Missionary Year. Pondering the graces of the recent beatification of Mother Clelia, we are celebrating her charism alive today in our various missions. Ultimately, to love is our mission! Please pray with us and for us, that as Apostles of His Heart we may bring to everyone “a ray of that holy tenderness that the Heart of Jesus has infallibly communicated to [us].” (Dir Man. Art. 212).

In this Clelian Missionary Year, we look to Blessed Clelia, who teaches us: “When divine love is truly in the heart, it awakens in it a great desire to see God known, loved, and served” (Book 7, Letter 6). 

Having encountered the person of Jesus Christ and utterly convinced of His love for us, we consecrate ourselves to Jesus and to loving Him. Like the first Apostles, we have been sent in mission in order to help others know His love and His tender mercy.

The various missions of the Apostles span 15 countries and include education, healthcare, and pastoral ministry. We bring Christ’s compassionate love to countless children, the elderly, the immigrant, as well as to prisoners, victims of human trafficking and those who are victims of poverty. During this Missionary Year, we invite you to pray with us and for us as together we seek to make known to every person the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.