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Lenten Reflection: Accompanying Jesus on His Journey

Published: April 3, 2023

Written by Sr. Ritamary Schulz, ASCJ

To whom do we belong? On the surface, today’s Gospel reading portrays an ordinary event: dinner with friends. Going deeper, it speaks of celebration and preparation. There’s the joy of having dinner with Jesus and the excitement surrounding Lazarus’ return from the dead, which certainly helps to confirm Jesus is the Son of God if there were any doubt. But amid the celebration, Jesus is preparing for his own death. As Mary anoints His feet with oil, her most precious gift, Judas questions her generosity, more focused on money. Jesus speaks of the poor who are always with them and alludes to the fact that He will not always be with them.

The question as we enter Holy Week is this: What is Jesus asking of us? Suffering is scary. Jesus would like to avoid suffering, just as we do. Yet, He accepts the Father’s will as the means to save us. Do we identify with Mary in this Gospel reading, showing total and complete love of Jesus? Or do we at times focus too much on the practical and “what makes sense” like Judas? Can we listen to Jesus and accompany him on His journey?

As we begin this Holy Week, let us ask ourselves:

  • Where have I been during these past weeks of Lent? What preparation can I now choose as I, too, continue the journey?
  • As Jesus gave His life, how can I live with a generous heart and give to others this week?


Sr. Ritamary Schulz is a spiritual director based in Connecticut.

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