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Reflections for Advent

Published: December 3, 2020

Week 4: Trust in God’s Love!
By Sr. Rosemary Buttice, ASCJ

Do not be afraid, Mary. Do not be afraid, Joseph.

Having heard these words in separate angelic manifestations, Mary and Joseph individually uttered their courageous “Yes” to God. Both Mary and Joseph placed themselves in the hands of God to be what He willed. Mary was to become the Mother of God and Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. This “Yes” was the beginning of their arduous journey to Bethlehem. Nothing could prevent them from fulfilling their mission - not the doubt in people’s minds, not the treacherous journey, not finding a decent place to stay, not preparing a humble place for the infant’s birth; nothing could discourage them. What trust, what faith, what obedience, and above all, what love!

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Week Three: Turn to the Lord
By Sr. Cora Lombardo, ASCJ

These Advent days walk to a different tempo, a different tone. It’s not just that daylight fades earlier or that the number of COVID-19 deaths rise. We are different, forever changed by the long Advent for a vaccine, the long Advent for this reality we’re in to end.

We celebrated Easter and Pentecost, but somehow it still felt like Advent: the wait to see what would happen next, the wait to return to normal. Most of all, the desire to gather, to get through this together, was banned for our safety. The darkness and fear seem to be the only reality: “My only friend is darkness.” (Psalm 88). 

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Week Two: Look to Bethlehem
By Sr. Kathryn Press, ASCJ

A year ago, Pope Francis reminded us of the importance of the nativity scene with his apostolic letter Admirabile Signum. The Holy Father encourages us to take time to prepare the manger scene in these days leading up to Christmas. It’s appropriate then that the second candle on our Advent wreath is also known as the Bethlehem candle. Highlighting the insignificance of this tiny village, we recognize the humble beginnings of the Incarnation. Jesus, God in flesh appearing, comes as a baby in the most unlikely of places. Indeed, Jesus comes into our lives at the most unlikely time and in the most unlikely circumstances.

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Week One: Watch
By Sr. Colleen Therese Smith, ASCJ

Some years, Advent catches me off guard. This year is one of those years, and yet, here we are. Advent 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, following a contentious national election, while an economic crisis unfolds.

I was actually startled as I heard the Gospel of the First Sunday of Advent proclaimed. The last word of the Gospel, spoken by Jesus, was “Watch!”

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