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Grant Funding Helps Retired Sisters Stay Connected

Published: July 10, 2020

Through a generous grant from Support Our Aging Religious, Inc. (SOAR!), the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus recently purchased 10 new iPads for use at Sacred Heart Manor, the Apostles’ home for retired Sisters. 

In this new age of social distancing due to Covid-19, the community of 28 retired and infirm Apostles residing at Sacred Heart Manor in Connecticut have been largely cut off from the outside world. The iPads will allow these Sisters to stay better connected to family, friends and other Sisters through the use of FaceTime or other video chat platforms—supporting their social and emotional wellbeing during this unprecedented time. 

“We are so grateful to have this technology available,” said Sacred Heart Manor Superior Sr. Barbara Matazzaro, ASCJ. “Since we are not welcoming visitors as we had prior to the pandemic, it’s nice to offer our Sisters the opportunity to touch base with their loved ones in a more personal and interactive manner.”

Aside from helping Sisters combat social isolation, the iPads will allow a greater number of Sisters to participate in telemedical appointments with their doctors. The Manor nursing staff will be able to use the devices for more convenient and accurate reporting of medical information.

The iPads will also be used to improve Sisters’ cognition. Games and apps designed to stimulate cognitive skills, such Scrabble and Sudoku, will be downloaded onto the devices. 

“Having these iPads will truly enhance the lives and care of our retired Sisters in many ways,” said Sr. Barbara. “We are excited to see what opportunities they create.”

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