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Keeping the Faith in Lockdown

Published: May 21, 2020

In the nearly seven years Sr. Barbara Matazzaro has been Superior of Sacred Heart Manor, home to our retired Sisters, she has never experienced anything quite like these past two months in lockdown.

Located on the grounds of our Provincialate in Hamden, Sacred Heart Manor is currently home to 27 Apostles ages 69-98. This time of pandemic has altered life for Manor Sisters and their staff alike. Face masks and daily temperature screenings have become the norm, and Sisters no longer eat or pray together as an entire community. Instead, they gather in small groups for prayers and meals. Perhaps the two greatest changes of all: the loss of both outside visitors and daily Mass celebrations. 

These extra precautions are working, however, as all Manor Sisters are in good health. “We are grateful to all our Sisters, benefactors, and friends for their prayers of protection for each of us,” Sr. Barbara says. 

These unusual times have meant more time for prayer, and the Apostle Adorers have been making good use of this extra time by praying for all the needs of the world, including patients, medical staff, and the Apostles in Italy who have suffered greatly. In addition to their ministry of prayer, all Manor Sisters have taken on a service project in response to the Coronavirus crisis, such as making calls to shut-ins, writing notes to hospital patients, and sewing face masks.

Although these past two months living in lockdown have had their challenges, the Manor Sisters feel they have much still to be grateful: spring weather and the opportunity to go outside, frequent calls and “video visits” from family and friends, daily Communion services, and the company of their community members.

“This experience has deepened the awareness of God’s love and providence in our lives,” says Sr. Barbara. “So blessed are we in all our needs.”

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